In the era of Anthropocene, we realized that the very existence of waters is highly at risk.

The waves, many times your size fall from a dream about a more fair and sustainable world.

This site is dedicated to broadly defined artivism devoted to raising awareness and improving the conditions of the water world and critters inhabiting it. As a freelancer queer academic teacher and researcher holding a Ph.D. in art history, and as a performative writer, I seek for the experimental forms of engagement in improving the situation of waters. This means:

  • incorporating critical topics related to water, such as e.g. extreme weather conditions, dries or floods, acid rains, melting glaciers and ice caps, water supply interruptions, into students' curricula

  • sharing critical ideas, emotions, practices through the concept of wet writings stressing the importance of the sensual experience of the world and sharing space with other critters

  • engaging in projects related to protecting water

  • supporting various different forms of water artivism

  • connecting the passion for water with other fields of the politics of environmental care …as Beth Stephens once observed in Goodbye Gauley Mountain: An Ecosexual Love Story (2013), ‘You can survive without being married, but without drinking water, you are dead!’